I’m from Portland, where young people go to retire. Before this I was a test rider for Harley Davidson, a butcher, I worked highway construction, wrote copy for advertising, touring musician, etc, etc Favorite food at CN’s: Santa Cruz Cop with Pork. When I’m not at work you’ll find me searching the flohmarkt for treasure, riding bikes or polishing my ax collection
You should check out: Rafael Vigilantics, Jaya The Cat, Get Dead, Smoke or Fire, Bourdain, Palahniuk and Rye Whiskey.

I’m from Belgrad, the European capital for night life, famous for beautiful women and for being the most bombed city in the world. Personally, I’m famous for being the best chef among the bankers and best banker among the chefs. Before this I was suffering in the bank. When I’m not here I drink beer somewhere. My favorite food is the San Francisco Style Burrito.


I’m from Athens, Greece, famous for Acropolis, gyros and loud people. Before I started working at Crazy Nate’s I was working at my family’s shop in the center of Athens. My favorite food at Crazy Nate’s is the Long Beach style burrito. When I’m not at work I’m most likely out for a walk or playing basketball with my friends (Don’t play against Boris, our chef. He is going to beat you.) You should check out: The Seventh Seal (movie), Perfume, the story of a Murderer (book).

I’m from New York State, famous for cows, fields and autumn leaves. Before this, I taught English. Before that, I worked in Marketing & PR in the film and travel industries. When I’m not here I’m reading, writing or chilling with our dog. My favorite food at Crazy Nate’s is the SF Mission with jalapeños. You should check out: The Ripley series by Patricia Highsmith, In Patagonia by Bruce Chatwin, Green Shadows, White Whale by Ray Bradbury.

I’m from Detroit, Michigan, famous for Motown Records, being home of the automotive industry, annnnnnd being the city where Michael Jackson famously wanted to build a Thriller theme park. The city said no and built three MGM casinos, instead. Before I started working at Crazy Nate’s I was in the US Army for almost ten years, working as an IT Specialist. So, I can make you nachos and make sure you’re connected to the Wi-Fi.  My favorite food at Crazy Nate’s is the San Francisco with Pork. When I’m not at work I’m singing something out of tune, dancing without reason, talking about music with fellow peeps, all while living the best life I can in Germany. You should check out: The Men Who Watched Women (book) and Kreuzberg Monastery

I’m from Cornwall. Famous for pasties, the best clotted cream and beautiful coastal scenery.  Before this I was studying fashion design and working in a sneaker shop.  When I’m not here I’m on the hunt for vintage clothes, trying to be a designer, eating chocolate and drinking wine.  My favorite food at Nate’s has to be Tacos with pork or tofu with onions, coriander & spicy sour cream. You should check out Round Two Show, Nine Club…as for music The Horizons, Mac Miller and Mikel Pane.

Coming straight out of Osijek, Croatia, famous for mosquito bites. There’s other stuff too, but you can look on Wikipedia. I’ve been working as a chef and in kitchens for 10+ years and make a mean barbecue sauce. In my spare time I skate, travel, and collect rare Hardcore Punk vinyl. My favorite food at Crazy Nate’s is the Portland style burrito.

I’m from The MIA, the 305, famous for Bikinis, Banana hammocks and Deco Drive. Before I started working at Crazy Nate’s I was in the US Army for over ten years. Now I’m living my dream of making amazing Cali-Mexican food. My favorite food at Crazy Nate’s is the Pork Tacos but the “Crazy Way” if you’re picking up what I’m putting down. When I’m not at work I’m road biking or mountain biking the beautiful mountains here in Deutschland. You should check out: Miami Vice, Uncle Luke and the 2 Live Crew, The Jerky Boys and us here Crazy Nate’s.


I’m from Nürnberg, Germany, famous for it’s people insisting it’s in Franconia- NOT Bavaria, overcrowded Christmas markets, Bratwürstchen and two spots for crazy good west-coast-Mexican food.
Before this I was working as a nurse and technically I still am, just not as many days.
When I’m not working you can find me studying…or procrastinating, watching murder documentaries or listening to podcasts.
You should check out Bob’s Burgers, Killer Cases and for podcasts Zeit Verbrechen (German). My favorite food at Crazy Nate’s is the Street Style Tacos with both Tofu and Cactus on it. 


I’m from Houston, TX, famous for skyscrapers, Beyonce, and “we have a problem.” Before this I taught math to 22-year-olds in Erlangen who may someday teach math to your high schoolers. My favorite food at CN’s is the Chili Cheese Quesadilla. When I’m not working, you’ll find me in the Biergarten with my family or at the Musikpunkt playing the piano or the violin. You should check out: The Leopard, Double Indemnity, and twosetviolin.


I’m from Saskatoon, Canada. Famous for its subarctic weather. Though the winters are long and miserable, it does occasionally get Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). Before this I was working with nonprofits and travelling the world. When I’m not here, I’m playing video games or touring with my band “The Heart’s Intent”. My favorite food at CN’s is a full vegan San Francisco Mission Style.

I’m from Los Angeles – famous for Porn, Plastic Surgery, and Motley Crue Before This: I was floating the canals of Amsterdam When I’m not here: I’m dancing to David Bowie My Favorite food at CN’s: Vegan Tofu Nachos You should check out: John Coffey and The Picturebooks